RCX Snow Plow

Over here in the Netherlands we usually have just a few days or weeks of snow per year. When the time comes, there are three things that absolutely have to happen.

  1. Go sledging
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Build a robot to drive in the snow

I wont bother you with the first two items, but I thought you might like number three.

I was surprised that I couldn’t find a single video of ¬†a snow plow, plowing real snow. There are robots pushing LEGO around, and static models of a snow plow. This is what I made.

The robot is a regular half-track, but uses a triangular tread configuration to keep the motor out of the snow. It also has a rotation sensor on the unpowered front wheels, to detect the robot isn’t moving.

I’m not sure if you are¬†interested in the software or building instructions, because it uses the RCX with parts from Ultimate Accessories and Ultimate Builders sets, as well as miscellaneous red parts. Are you?

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