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NXT in-line skater

skaterI found a video that features a skating robot, it moves, but skating? I did a lot of skating myself, so I started to think about a better skating movement. It occurred to me that while skating around pylons, you don’t need to take your skates of the ground. What you do instead is hard […]

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Pneumatic Bug

PICT0187So there you are. This is the result of a day or two of LEGO building, followed by weeks of thinking, sawing and soldering. Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through all that, and can just buy the needed parts. This cute little bug can walk forwards, backwards and turn around, using 4 […]

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Compressor Module

compressorIf you want to do anything with pneumatics, you need something to generate air pressure. This is the most simple, compact and efficient solution I could think of, using just one pump. If you think I’m working on something that involves pneumatic parts, you’d be right. If you want to use more pumps, maybe Sariel […]

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NXT model of Twente One Solar Racer

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI wrote earlier about the solar panels I bought from eBay, and how I connected them to the NXT. The next logical step was of course to build a robot, so why not start out with a solar racer? I’m Dutch, so I started to look at the cars of the 2 Dutch competitors for […]

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Chocolate dispenser

NXT chocolate dispenserThe latest in chocolate breaking technology! Using patented breaker technology, bar after bar is transported and broken off. No animals where harmed in the making of this robot. My father eats a lot of chocolate, so the original idea for this robot was for it to keep track of and limit your chocolate eating. Unfortunately […]

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Tower Crane

Tower CranePicking up and carrying around stuff is fun, but another claw/gripper? Can’t we do something new? That is what I did. I sat down with the idea of Pythagorean triangles in my mind, and then I imagined a tower crane, with all these diagonal¬†truss beams. Djing! So I started laying out triangles and piecing them […]

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plotterWhen I got the Ultimate Builders set, it came with instructions for a plotter. Mind you, the RCX had no integrated rotation sensors, so it used a lever rotating against a touch sensor. It even used a complicated construction to drive a pneumatic pump with one motor. It came with a program to write “LEGO”, […]

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI designed this robot to experiment with so-called “single track vehicle dynamics”, or in other words, balancing on a bike. The challenge with designing a motorcycle like this is keeping he wheelbase short, and positioning the steering motor in a sturdy way. The program for this robot is based on the principle of “steer into […]

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Automatic Gearbox

Automatic GearboxA while back I was making some large LEGO vehicle of sorts, and I was faced with the choice of gearing down my motor or dedicating a whole extra motor to controlling a gearbox. I chose to do neither, and build an automatic one. The ones I found where to big and relied on friction […]

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Pincer bot

Claw and wheel baseI don’t exactly remember how I made the claw in the video earlier, but I’ve made a new one for you, so you can play with it. The claw can be mounted on the front side of the Rover from the NXT 2.0 You can use this claw with the gamepad code from my previous […]

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